You have purchased from us a puppy and you want to be notified, how is he now us?


Then you will find different ways to realize their projects.


Why do we need a status report?


Many clubs of pedigree dogs breeders lead databases in which the essential parameters of their animals are stored. Background of this is that a meaningful basis for all breeders and dog lovers is created, from which one can gain important insights for breeding and especially to the ancestors of the own animals. One of the important parameters is the exact age of a dog, if it e.g. comes to the determination of age structure values, average life expectancy and similar questions.
The accuracy of the calculation of an age structure value depends very much on how accurately present the age of the animals from a dog family! The ideal case then sets in when both the exact birth and the correct date of death are known.
On the other hand requires the accurate representation of the life of a breeding animal in a database that all data required for this are known. It is unacceptable that dogs are just born in it and then apparently live forever, just because of the whereabouts has not been precisely documented. At the point breeder and owner are the same dimensions in the duty because a breeder's puppies throughout their lives can not ever have under observation. Therefore, it is dependent on the assistance of their owners. This assistance can afford them if they send once each calendar year the proposed status report to the breeder.
These reasons move us to ask owners of puppies from our breeding to transmit once a year report to us.

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